About Fargo Massage Therapy

Hi! I am Jonell Weiser, a licensed massage therapist and founder of Fargo Massage Therapy Clinic. My mission is pretty simple: HELP THOSE WITH PAIN GET OUT OF PAIN.

I’ve been a massage therapist since 2006. After being a headache survivor I was able to see and feel the true benefits of massage therapy. At first, when I started practicing I didn’t know what area I wanted to do, but I felt pulled more and more to pain relief and solving problems and figuring out the root cause of it. Soon enough more and more people came to me for that exact reason.

I specialize in pain relief and injury recovery treatments as well as offering relaxation approaches to combat stress. I love to partner with people who want a detailed session to bring their body back to a state of balance. Yes at times, our bodies need a reminder on how to do that, and I can help facilitate that action.

I graduated from Jamestown College with a BA in Elementary education, where I went on to teach Elementary school in the Garden City, KS area for 3 years. I returned to good ole ND to pursue massage therapy attending Sister Rosalind Gefre school of massage. While attending massage therapy school, I was able to teach for the Fargo school district until retiring from that position in 2014.

When I am not at the office I have a variety of hobbies that bring out the JOY in my heart. I love to sing and sang with a community group, as well as volunteering, redoing furniture, traveling, being active, visiting, and traveling to see close family and friends.

I look forward to partnering with you on your health and wellness goals.